Responding: An Expressive Arts Approach with Markus Scott-Alexander, PhD, REAT


                An Online NFKUT Workshop, Wednesday, December 7, 2023, from 19 to 21 PM CEST

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Workshop Description:

Responding: An Expressive Arts Approach. There is movement within us. There is movement between us. And there is movement around us. How we respond to that movement is what makes us who we are. As expressive arts practitioners, we get to model being a human being who is cultivating the art of creative response to challenges moving within, between and around. In this workshop, we will explore how inter-modality informs conscious, creative response. Our capacity for subtle, embodied awareness will be explored and reflected upon.

Art supplies: Oil pastels and paper.

About Markus:

Markus Scott-Alexander is the founder of Expressive Arts Without Borders with over 3,000 members in 45 countries ( and the director of World Arts Organization ( He was expressive arts therapy faculty at the European Graduate School from 1997 to 2020 and was one of the first REAT. Markus worked alongside Paolo Knill for many years, co-facilitating international community art gatherings. He is the author of Expressive Arts Education and Therapy (2020) and The Just Right Next (2023). Markus resides in Edmonton, Canada and is currently teaching online in Canada, India, Russia, Japan, Egypt, Iran, and Hong Kong.