Course in Expressive Arts Therapy, EMDR, and Sensory-Based Approaches to Trauma- 30 November to 3 December in Barcelona


IN-PERSON EVENT IN SITGES, with Cathy Malchiodi.

This course integrates traumatic stress work and self-restoration support, where words to describe feelings and sensations are impossible and do not always provide the restorative experiences necessary for recovery. Many psychotherapy patients benefit from nonverbal approaches, including body-based approaches to restore a sense of safety, regulation, and resilience. This course will introduce you to expressive arts approaches grounded in EMDR, Bilateral Stimulation, and sensory-based practices, evidence-informed by the latest trauma research. Working "bottom-up" is a strategy that supports restoration, resilience and repair in acute, complex, or developmental trauma survivors.

In this four-session course, psychotherapists, counsellors, expressive therapists, and facilitators will learn effective and innovative approaches to repair and resolve acute distress and complex trauma. Each session explains key foundations to address traumatic stress through methods that practitioners can apply immediately to work with clients to repair trauma and restore the self. Each session includes lectures, slide presentations, and short films, followed by actual hands-on practices. Short case presentations and group discussions follow the practice session with time for sharing what has been learned during each session.

Participants who complete all sessions receive a Certificate of Completion from the Trauma-Informed Practices and Expressive Arts Therapy Institute and 16 continuing education hours from the National Board Certifying Counselors (NBCC) and applicable CPDs.

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