11.-16.april i Barcelona: International Spring Symposium 2023


The Celebration of the Spring

Spring celebrates all the life that winter has kept dormant, giving to it the energy to be reborn into a new cycle. After stillness, the earth is open, the sun looks brighter, and green begins to fill everything. The days lengthen and the time of year associated with fertility, love and joy begins, while the flowers fill the world with their colors.


The Spring Symposium has always taken place in spring, this time of fertility and joy, awakening and blooming. And this year, after a very long winter, the idea of celebration is more important than ever. We will honor, therefore, this spring with a joint celebration that revitalizes joy, potency and the possibility of rebirth.

With a community spirit we will surrender to the language of all the arts, to revitalize bodies, cultivate the seeds left by those who are no longer there and embrace the continuity of life.

We therefore invite you to open your heart, put on colorful party clothes to celebrate next spring with us. As this haiku of Bashô says:

In this warm spring rain

tiny leaves are sprouting

from the eggplant seed.