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Tema: Looking at Virginia Woolf's "A Sketch of the Past" with an Expressive Arts Phenomenological Framework: A blueprint for healing trauma through autobiographical writing

Hannah Behrens

The purpose of this essay is to explore the potentials of self-healing through autobiographical writing, using Virginia Woolf's memoir, "A Sketch of the Past," as a source text, and to introduce Expressive Arts Therapy and Phenomenology as a model for how autobiographical writing can be used as method for healing trauma.

Virginia Woolf originally wrote 'A Sketch of the Past,' over a period of months between 1939, intended to share with her colleagues The Bloomsbury Group Memoir Club. The essay reveals details of the author's writing process, focused on the phenomenon she names as, "Moments of Being," describing the intensity of emotions and hyperawareness she felt at key moments of trauma and revelation. Woolf's ability to articulate these key experiences during the course of her lifetime opens a fascinating study of the writer's experience, and the vulnerability of the psyche, as well as the power of self-healing and self-revelation, in relation to narratives of family and personal trauma. The way Woolf tells her story reaches toward her readers as observational witnesses, and through this act of sharing, may drive other witnesses and those who have experienced trauma, to come forward with their own experience; thus 'A Sketch of the Past' can be seen as a blueprint for personal or communal healing.

The phenomenological framework of Expressive Arts Therapy offers an entry point toward using literary models and creative writing methodologies to explore an avenue for healing narrative traumatic experiences."